Psychic hygiene 101: warding + shielding

Psychic hygiene 101: warding + shielding #pagan #occult #magick #witchcraft #wicca #druidry

I define warding and shielding as being two different things, though similar and related.

I define warding as putting up a barrier of protection energy on a place or thing, such as one’s house or car.

I define shielding as the act of warding a person, whether yourself or someone else.  Shielding may also vary in its intent – it may not just be to ward from negative outside influences or harm, but…

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Fields of gold

Fields of gold.

(My first post for Staff of Asclepius @ Patheos.)

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Psychic hygiene 101: “an ounce of prevention”

Psychic hygiene 101: “an ounce of prevention”

Here’s a post on how to avoid being in a situation where you need to banish entities.

1. Ward your living space.  Shield yourself.  If you are sick, stressed, or otherwise low energy, you can use something like an amulet or crystal to boost your personal shielding.  I really cannot overemphasize the importance of wards if you have a space in which you are working magic and regularly inviting…

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*pokes in*

Hey y’all.

I’ve been hella busy lately.

1. Visions of Vanaheim is coming out as scheduled on August 1st, 2014.  Watch this space.

2. I am working on a followup book, which will also be about the Vanir.  (I have a series planned, at this point; the Vanir series will be at least four books long.)  I was gonna wait until the equinox to recharge my brain but writers write and this book is demanding to be written.

3. I got a gig on Patheos; I am a contributing blogger to Staff of Asclepius, a blog about disabled pagans and the issues of disability in the pagan community.  My first post goes live on the 28th.  I’m still blogging on WordPress; Patheos is in addition to rather than instead of.

4. I am doing pretty OK apart from the writing.  Just tired.  (Summer interferes with my ability to sleep properly.)

*pokes back out*

Psychic hygiene 101: dispelling psychic attack

Psychic hygiene 101: dispelling psychic attack

So earlier today we talked about banishing unwanted entities (whether temporary/friendly banishing on beloved entities who are acting up, or more permanent/aggressive banishing on hostiles); now we’re going to talk about what happens when you’re dealing with being attacked by someone this side of the fence.

Here’s the first thing to keep in mind.

It’s important to not be paranoid about being…

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Psychic hygiene 101: banishing

Psychic hygiene 101: banishing

Let me start off by saying that if your place is warded effectively, and you have proper shields in place, you have virtually no need of banishing.

However, there may occasionally be circumstances where you still need to banish.  For example, you may be away from home, staying with friends or family or in a hotel or whatever, and while I recommend taking a “portable ward” with you, the wards may…

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Vanic Friday: Freya Invocation

Vanic Friday: Freya Invocation

Freya Vanadis, Lady of Golden Tears
We call to You now, across the gap of years
To stir Your heart and blood, may You ever be hailed
Lust Mistress, Battle Queen, Seiðkona enveiled
Syr and Gefn, Horn and Mardoll
Every face You show us is the fairest of all
Stirrer of strife, cut like a knife
Freya Vanadis, give to us of Your life

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Excerpt from Visions of Vanaheim: Vanic Deity Correspondences

The following is a list of correspondences for specific deities counted as Vanir by modern Vanic pagans; the items on this list have been corroborated amongst a few who work with the Vanir.  These things can be gifted a deity and/or placed on their altar, or worn, or carried, etc.

Items marked with an asterisk * are dangerous or deadly and should be handled carefully, kept out of reach of…

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Patheos Pagan Climate Change Series

Patheos Pagan Climate Change Series

Worth a read if you have the time.  As a Vanatruar, the health of the Earth – which includes its climate – is important to me, and these posts are a challenge to think about giving more than just lip service to this sentiment.

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Psychic hygiene 101: why should you care?

Psychic hygiene 101: why should you care?

So one of my real bugaboos about a lot of what I see in the “occult community” (and I’m putting this in the dick quotes because occultists have tended to be a fractious lot from time immemorial, between seiðkonar trying to kill each other with sealskin bags, to the beef between Mathers and Crowley; imposing your will on the Universe on a regular basis kind of lends itself to the temperament of…

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Psychic hygiene 101: grounding

Psychic hygiene 101: grounding

So the other day I made a post about astral travel, and a conversation developed in the threads about energetic overload that can develop when doing such work.  I’ve experienced this before, though I tend to experience it more when doing oracular work and scribe work.  This feeling can be quite uncomfortable, and indeed, one may feel psychically like their circuits are blown for a bit (it can…

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Advice Following Town of Greece from a Witch with Experience

Advice Following Town of Greece from a Witch with Experience

Nornoriel Lokason:

As someone who’s had (very unfortunate) experience with being on the receiving end of discrimination (in multiple ways, including for being pagan), this is worth a read. It’s helpful not just for pagans, but really anyone who’s in a religious minority and dealing with BS as the default setting.

Originally posted on hecatedemeter:


The Wild Hunt has reported recently on a numb…

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Moonlight and starlight kisses the sea
and the water and the earth caress
Before you on bended knee
I give myself to you with a yes
You clasp your collar onto me
Symbol of your breath, your tie
Bound to you, yet also set free
My deepest desires no longer denied

We listen to the waves collide
as the moon bathes us in his light
Our rhythm slow like the roaring tides
Nothing has ever felt this right

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An announcement

Hey y’all,

I am very pleased and proud to announce that I am now a contributor to the blog Staff of Asclepius at Patheos.  As many of my readers know, I am disabled with several chronic conditions (psychiatric and physical), and the issues of being a disabled pagan – how my faith helps me, how my disabilities impact my practise, keeping going with my practise with the challenges I face, taking…

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