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“white people have some fucked-up gods, Mister Shadow”

—   Sam Black Crow, American gods by Neil Gaiman (via theunlovelyessa)

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So yesterday I was out all day at a doctor’s appointment due to the logistics of transportation; I had lunch at a teriyaki place while I was out. (D went with me, and the radio station there of course started playing all the schmoopy shit.  XD)

I was kind of brain-fried when I came back because I got four hours of sleep, and my brain thought it was a great idea to do some beading, so I’m sitting there beading and D and I are derping around.  At some point (I forget what prompted this) I told him I’ve gotten crap from heathens for liking rap, hip-hop, and R&B.  I do like metal, and Viking metal, but yeah, there are some Asshatru who think that Tru Heathens should eschew hip-hop.

And yeah I think that attitude is based in racism, and said as much, like somehow they think Viking metal is White People Folkway Music (said people who hold this attitude have clearly never been to an Amon Amarth concert where there’s a lot of Mexican-Americans in the mosh pit, like I witnessed during my time in SoCal).

And D goes, “Man, if Asshatru think that heathens should only listen to ‘white people music’ then they should all be listening to Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake.”

I laughed so fucking hard I cried.  I could not stop laughing at that for like an hour.

In praise of Njord

In praise of Njord

My latest post for my blog Roads to Vanaheim at Pagan Square, In praise of Njord, is up.

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This is why we can’t have nice things.
(why yes, that is Asmodai’s Grumpy Cat)

This is why we can’t have nice things.

(why yes, that is Asmodai’s Grumpy Cat)

The Feminist Elemental

My awesome colleague at Staff of Asclepius at Patheos, CJ Blackwood, has a WordPress blog entitled The Feminist Elementaland is seeking contributions within the community from feminist witches (can be Dianic, non-Dianic, also do not have to be women or assigned female at birth to contribute, blog is trans-friendly) on where feminism and witchcraft/paganism intersect.  I support this project and I…

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Progressive Dialog for Community Leaders Concerning Abuse

Progressive Dialog for Community Leaders Concerning Abuse

Nornoriel Lokason:

You know how I did my “Let’s Talk About Sex” series awhile back and in Part Three made some suggestions about what the community should do? This is another post, a really good one, along similar lines, particularly with protecting the young people in our community.

Originally posted on The Crimson Crescent:

As both a Pagan and a witch, I have seen my community insulted,…

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Loki!stuff on my Etsy store

Loki!stuff on my Etsy store

So these are some older listings of mine that could use a good home; considering how many Lokeans follow me I’m surprised they haven’t gone yet.

Here are two bracelets made in Dad’s honor, which could be worn as devotional items, gifted Loki on an altar, or even used as prayer beads.

Loki’s Fire I:Lampwork beads and fiery seed bead spacers.  Measures approximately 8 inches on a strong elastic.…

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“Learn to say ‘no’ without explaining yourself.”

—   Unknown (via extrahopeless)

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An owl on a towel.

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Whatever has happened, remember, soft head-bonks from a kitty can make it better.

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This makes me so happy! XDDD <3 

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D’s new favorite thing is trolling me with Kenny Loggins.

I need a T-shirt that says “I got dismembered, killed, and reborn to serve the Powers and all I got was these Kenny Loggins mp3s.”

Where’s the Support?

Where’s the Support?

Nornoriel Lokason:

Signal boosting the hell out of this because what Columbine said.

Originally posted on Queen of the Waiting Ones:

So, I’m curious and have a question for all the super serious Pagans, Polytheists and other Alternative Religious folks out there who so often proclaim that they are all about founding new temples and other types of religious worship areas for those of our kind.…

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Recovery http://wp.me/s4FfA1-recovery

There are many labels that apply to me, that I use to define myself.  Pagan. Polytheist. Occultist. Spirit-worker. God-consort (demon-consort technically but he’s a god-level entity). Transgender. Queer. Writer. Poet. Artist.

Most of these labels have been with me for a long time (even the transgender label, much as I didn’t start coming out about it until 2013-2014).  Over this past year 2014, I…

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Saw a goat in a princess hat at Petsmart today


Saw a goat in a princess hat at Petsmart today